There's a story in everything. Let's tell your story, together.


There's a story in everything.

For the past 11+ years, we've either been working in or working with the media. And, the results: Extraordinary. 
From news reporting, to consumer marketing, to communications for large organizations, effectively telling stories has been our profession and passion. 

We believe no story is too small.
More importantly: Your business' news is unique and newsworthy. 

Let's tell your story together.



our philosophy


Our philosophy on helping tell your story to the media for coverage:
1. There's a story in everything.
2. Establishing a face/character of the story resonates with audience and draws viewers.
3. Explaining topics in a simple but sophisticated delivery is critical.
4. Getting facts straight is integral to credibility.





ZINDSEY MEDIA is led by Carson Krislov Quinn.

As a journalist, Carson reported on-air for CBS, NBC, FOX and independent television affiliates, and online for UsWeekly magazine, HealthZette, Thrillist, PYMNTS, Indy's Child magazine and other outlets across the  Country.

As a communications executive, Carson was Spokesperson and Public Information Officer for Illinois' Dept. of Transportation, the Dept. of Revenue and the Liquor Control Commission. In consumer marketing, she promoted and protected the image of large businesses, including Sears, Craftsman tools, Kenmore appliances and the National Confectioners Association, and smaller startups like Murfie and ConfirmDocs.

She holds a bachelors degree from Cornell University, and a masters degree in journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism




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Let's tell your story together.